Well, it’s 2:15… AM… And I have been packing, cleaning, unpacking, removing items, re-packing… You get the idea. Thank goodness for vacuum pack bags… I feel like I’m over packing a little, but there is so much I’ve already decided I don’t need! Anyway… As I have to much on my mind to sleep, I decided a pre-departure post would be nice.

I’ll actually be leaving Wednesday afternoon and training starts Thursday morning, but doubt I’ll have tome for a good post then, so this will work 🙂
Hopefully jumping right in a being busy will help with the sadness I am feeling (no matter how much I try to hide it).

This past week has been crazy. Besides pinning down a place to LIVE in NYC and booking the flight… I still wanted to keep some continuity and continue doing the things I enjoy and have committed here at home… AND to top it all off, FINALS. So here’s a list to recap all the events of the week:

Alliance open dance audition
Classes ended
House/cat sit for 5 days
ROMAN CIV final paper
Lunch with Marianne and Maria– YAY McCain Library Archives!
Dog/house sit
“Beat the Street for Little Feet” Pete the Cat 5K run– Saturday morning… IN THE RAIN
DSA Fringe Fest– ❤
Athletic Club Northeast– Final day of work. 2 years, I'll miss y'all! AND Staff lunch!!
Clothes shopping for the job
Visit with BFF Jessica
Rug Cutters Swing… Last rehearsal– y'all made me cry! I'll miss you so much.

and that brings us to right now.

It's been a busy week, but I have never felt more loved from all the people around me. And realizing how much they mean to me and I mean to them. I'm technically not done with my Undergraduate career and a graduate of Agnes Scott College 2013. In a way it's all a little bittersweet, but we must keep moving on.







There’s the photo montage to go with!
This weekend I also got my schedule and training information for MoMA Rain Room so this is becoming very real. The NY subway system is still intimidating, but I have an app for that!! Haha, so when I get there maybe I won’t be totally lost. Having borrowed “The Devil Wears Prada” on DVD from the library all this weekend, I have been channeling my inner New York fashion diva, and it was a great relaxer between papers!

And it’s pushing 3AM… There is much more I could write about, reflect about, but I’ll save that for another post, probably from an air port or NYC itself.

So, until then
<3always, Christiane

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