Start of the trail- how I fell into running

Over the past year and a half, running has become my escape, my physical challenge, and my joy. If this blog is about a “fit” chick living in NYC, I thought I should start adding in the fit part. Today, I wanted to share with you my story of I found and started running and what’s it’s done- is doing- for me.

I’ve always been a fit active person… But I wasn’t always a runner. Sure, in elementary school PE classes I could sprint with the best of them, topping all the girls in my age brackets. And at the gym I could go for ever on the elliptical… But put me on the track and tell me to run a mile- ya right- THAT’S not happening!
Of all the physical activities I enjoyed- running was the one thing that always have me a Charlie horse in my leg and made me winded within 10 minutes. No matter what I tried- better shoes, better form, better breath technique- nothing worked.

That’s not to say I didn’t try. My father was an avid runner all my life and at age 10, all I wanted to do was run in the Atlanta Peachtree Roadrace with him, which we did- July 4th 2001. And after that I hung up my running shoes.

It wasn’t until years later- February of 2013, my senior year of college- to be exact, that I gave running another try.
I was in the Agnes gym on the elliptical and just not feeling anything. Frustrated with my body and stressed with my life, I stepped off the elliptical and onto the neighboring treadmill. 15 minutes I told myself- you will power walk for 5, jog for 5, then cool down for 5. Just dipping my toes in here, not gonna overdo it or anything.
So I did my 15 minutes and didn’t feel that bad. I decided for the next few days I would increase the time in the middle that I spent jogging, until I could actually go for 20-30 minutes. That’s when it began.

I quickly realized that if I was really gonna do this, I needed actual running shoes. That’s when I found Big Peach Running Co. in Decatur… Literally changed my life. BPR does one on one shoe fittings to find what shoe brand and style will support ones foot and ankle best. Even though I was not an avid runner already, I didn’t feel out if place walking into Big Peach. The staff was amazing, welcoming and helpful. I also found out that they hosted free group runs twice a week, and I promised myself I’d go… Just as soon as I felt confident running 3 miles.

So it began. I was in the gym at least 4 times a week, adding time to my treadmill time. One day, one of those teasingly warm Southern winter days, I decided it was just to beautiful outside to be running inside. So I took myself and my still new shoes out and took off. Mostly sticking to the roads around campus… By the end of it I knew I was ready to join group runs, I felt great! Totally out of breath, but great.

Check back in a few weeks, and I’m going to group run every Tuesday and Thursday at 7PM! I even made friends with several of the girls in my time bracket and we kept each other going every week. It was amazing how fun, encouraging, and welcoming the running community can be and bring all different people together.

And… Well, that’s where it all started, I had become a runner- doing anywhere from 3-7 miles every other day. However, running in Atlanta and running in New York City proved to be very different beasts. I’ll save that for another post, as I hope this is one of a series of health and fitness posts from me!!

So get out and go for a run! Then follow, share, like, and comment!!

May you enjoy every mile ahead.

Love always, Christiane

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