Off the Grid

I’ve totally fallen off said grid. And I was doing so well at writing and reflecting and all that good stuff!
But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing anything fun and exciting. It’s actually that I’ve been very busy and have new stories to share… Now I just need to find the time. Or maybe the time is there, I’m just not making the most of it?
I’ve noticed that some days, when I think about what I got done in those past 24 hours it’s not much and 90% of the time consists only of work and spending time on the train getting between jobs and home. Then days when I don’t have to go to work I hardly want to leave my apartment…. Bed… Basically I sleep all day. I’ve realized I’m really not making the most of my time and all of our time is limited, so why am I not rallying and doing something? Cause when I do I feel great. Ok maybe I wish I got more sleep, but that’s not the only thing I have to have time for.
Every month I make a list of personal goals and I give myself a prize at the end. This month, even though this is my first post this month, one of my goals is to write more. And I don’t mean write about how much I miss certain things, people, love, life styles… No I mean write about what I’ve been up to, what discoveries I’m making, and what adventures I’m on.
Kinda bringing this blog back to the whole reason I started it.
I’m living in New York City and I should have more to say then, “I’m lonely, tired, and broke.”

So hold me to it! And keep your eyes peeled for more fun posts in the near future!


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