Yoga is Now: 46 Days of Green Shirts

46 days, 32 shifts, 5 days a week, 2 shirts, 1.5 months. and Yoga is (still) NOW!

What in the world is she talking about? Is what I’m sure you’re asking yourself. Well, I’m talking about my job and the uniform I’ve donned (as well as all of my lovely co-workers) for the past month and a half. To an extent, this has been funny and a sort of bonding experience for all of us… It’s also been an eye opener for me at a personal level.

Shall we begin there? Sure, why not. Basically- I’ve had a work uniform for the past 46 days. The last time I had a uniform was years ago when I was still in private school. Back before I knew any different, didn’t have my own style preferences, and was grateful to know what I was going to put on every morning and not worry about it. I used to love having a strict uniform and at one point said I’d always prefer it to having to buy and put together outfits myself.  But that was a long time ago.  Put me in a strict uniform now and I’m itching to get out of it. I hadn’t realized how much I’d come to dislike the idea of an enforced uniform and found myself, over the past 32 shifts, coming up with ways to manipulate, change, and push the boundaries of my allowed clothing.   Not only was it not seasonally appropriate (short sleeves in New York in November? I mean come on, it’s cold here!), it was completely unflattering in cut and color.  With my newly dyed red hair, I felt like an elf or a leprechaun, again neither of which fit the season.  I’ve also realized that I’ve found a color pallet and style of clothing that fits and flatters me today, something I used to not pay much attention to or care much about for that matter.

As a team, these shirts have been our mutual topic of conversation and frustration for the past 6 weeks.  Finding a reason to put a sweater on over it, which hasn’t been hard as it’s gotten colder.  Coaxing each other into them at the start of shift and being relieved when you were off the clock and out of the shirt.  Sneaking them into the washer with the towels and hoping you put your initials on the collar!  Questioning what bottoms you can wear with it and not look even more ridiculous.  And of course, laughing along when members as they read out to you “Yoga is Now” and start to chuckle cause all three staff members at the desk are sporting the same green t-shirt with white lettering and explaining why we are all dressed the same every day.  I have to admit, I’m sure we all looked a bit ridiculous and continuously reassuring people that we do in fact wash them got tedious.


I’m sure you are wondering what this not famous shirt actually looked like!?  Well, say no more.


pretty bad right?  Well, yesterday was the last day and I’m happy to report we all made it to the end and my 2 shirts made it to the trash bin.  Not into the trash in a malicious way, but in an honest way– I’ll never wear it for fun and honestly, they were past washing.  So why add clutter? lol!

Have you had… do you have a uniform you can, in fact, get enough of?  Share!

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lovealways,  Christiane

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