Bike Bali

Doesn’t the title say it all? If your weren’t sure, I did a bike tour around Ubud today and it is quickly moving up on the list of amazing life experiences I’ve had.  

I booked this excursion on Air BnB and honestly I wasn’t sure what it was going to be. Until yesterday, I hadn’t even heard from the host, so I did question my choices a little bit…. But OMG am I glad I did this. I will attempt to tell you all about it… But this post may turn into just a little ramble then pictures. 

I’m writing from one of my favorite spots in Ubud- Atman Kafe. Megan and I found this spot the last trip and  I’ve been looking forward to coming back (alghough now it is very far from my home stay). It’s only been two years, but it has changed so much! The seating area is much bigger and looking more commercial, but they still have the same great menu and comfy tables you can sit at on cushions. This is one of those places you could spend hours with several pots of tea and a blog post… Oh look!!

But I digress. Today’s tour- starred by being driven to a lunch spot outside of the busy downtown area where we enjoyed traditional Balinese food with a beautiful view. 

I mean, how lovely is that! 

Then It was just a a short drive to the start for our ride. Courtney, from Canada, and I were the only two on the tour, so of course we were having a blast. Hopping on our bikes, we definitely did not know what was in store!

(Word to the wise- don’t do bike tours in harem pants. You will inevitably rip the crotch and have to pick up a new pair before doing to dinner) (but you will look pretty darn cute… Win some loose some)

First stop was a holy water temple.  Our guide told us all about the history and tradition. We were able to splash in the holy water then sat and took in the beauty.  There was also no shortage of photo ops. As it was raining, there were far fewer people to get in the way!


Next up, we took off on the bikes for a famous wood carving shop and collection. Some of the carvings are insanely tall and everything g is done with incredible detail.  I’m here for size comparisons!

It really is amazing.Then back on the road to what was about to become my favorite part- trekking through Tegallalang Rice Terrace. I’ll just leave some pictures here because I don’t have words right now to say how incredible it was…

By this time the rain was getting harder, but that didn’t stop us from biking through a path in a rice terrace and nearly falling into the rice many times… No pictures of that right now because it was really not ideal to be stopping and struggling to find the phone. This would have been the adventure to have a GoPro for! 

Ended with a very rainy walk through a coffee plantation and coffee tasting before letting the rain get the better of us and deciding to drive back into town. 
And well, here we are. Still sitting at Atman enjoy a juice and Avo & Fetta Toasties 


Keep up with the Bali fun on my Instagram! 

Till next time, 



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