Off the Grid

I’ve totally fallen off said grid. And I was doing so well at writing and reflecting and all that good stuff!
But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing anything fun and exciting. It’s actually that I’ve been very busy and have new stories to share… Now I just need to find the time. Or maybe the time is there, I’m just not making the most of it?
I’ve noticed that some days, when I think about what I got done in those past 24 hours it’s not much and 90% of the time consists only of work and spending time on the train getting between jobs and home. Then days when I don’t have to go to work I hardly want to leave my apartment…. Bed… Basically I sleep all day. I’ve realized I’m really not making the most of my time and all of our time is limited, so why am I not rallying and doing something? Cause when I do I feel great. Ok maybe I wish I got more sleep, but that’s not the only thing I have to have time for.
Every month I make a list of personal goals and I give myself a prize at the end. This month, even though this is my first post this month, one of my goals is to write more. And I don’t mean write about how much I miss certain things, people, love, life styles… No I mean write about what I’ve been up to, what discoveries I’m making, and what adventures I’m on.
Kinda bringing this blog back to the whole reason I started it.
I’m living in New York City and I should have more to say then, “I’m lonely, tired, and broke.”

So hold me to it! And keep your eyes peeled for more fun posts in the near future!


This Bed is SO Damn Big- Need More Pillows!

I’ll let you all in on a little secret, for 70% of my posts I’ve already decided on the title then I have to come up with the body content. So, when this phrase showed up in my head, I wrote it down to save until I was ready to write the corresponding post, figuring it would be some sob-story, nostalgic post about missing by (ex)boyfriend, and how sleeping alone is so… well, lonely, and yadda yadda yadda.  (especially considering where it’s from)

But laying in bed last night, forcing myself to fall asleep in the middle of my huge queen size, pillow top bed and not being able to get the title song (of this post) out of my head- I decided what I really needs were more pillows!!! Ya know, decorative throw pillows, to fill up the extra space, to look pretty, to lay on, to set stuff on, and just to be… there. Something to make it feel not so empty…. Make this bed feel a little less big.
Ok, maybe I’ve been spending to much time at Pier 1, but I’ve always loved throw pillows!


Of course waking up the next morning. The previous nights decisions sound totally ridiculous… And expensive. This made me rethink, or think about at all, how much importance I… or we as a society… Place in material things. I am totally guilty of this. “Oh, if I get that lamp, pair of shoes, necklace, bottle of wine, glass figurine… I’ll be happy”!  But once that thing has become yesterday’s news, are we ever any happier? In the long run, probably not… And if you are budget conscious, you are probably even more disappointed. At least, that’s the story of my life.

Yet somehow, I can’t seem to find or maintain those non-tangible things.  AND here’s where it gets sappy.  We all knew it was coming eventually.  I truly miss sharing a bed with the person I lov(ed).  I would never want things to “go back” to the way they were, cause clearly that wasn’t good for any part involved… but did it have to be that way?  We may never know.  And I may never be able to sleep through the night without making my way over to the right side of the bed and waiting for cuddles…. at least until I get lots more pillows!


love always,  christiane