Bike Bali

Doesn’t the title say it all? If your weren’t sure, I did a bike tour around Ubud today and it is quickly moving up on the list of amazing life experiences I’ve had.  

I booked this excursion on Air BnB and honestly I wasn’t sure what it was going to be. Until yesterday, I hadn’t even heard from the host, so I did question my choices a little bit…. But OMG am I glad I did this. I will attempt to tell you all about it… But this post may turn into just a little ramble then pictures. 

I’m writing from one of my favorite spots in Ubud- Atman Kafe. Megan and I found this spot the last trip and  I’ve been looking forward to coming back (alghough now it is very far from my home stay). It’s only been two years, but it has changed so much! The seating area is much bigger and looking more commercial, but they still have the same great menu and comfy tables you can sit at on cushions. This is one of those places you could spend hours with several pots of tea and a blog post… Oh look!!

But I digress. Today’s tour- starred by being driven to a lunch spot outside of the busy downtown area where we enjoyed traditional Balinese food with a beautiful view. 

I mean, how lovely is that! 

Then It was just a a short drive to the start for our ride. Courtney, from Canada, and I were the only two on the tour, so of course we were having a blast. Hopping on our bikes, we definitely did not know what was in store!

(Word to the wise- don’t do bike tours in harem pants. You will inevitably rip the crotch and have to pick up a new pair before doing to dinner) (but you will look pretty darn cute… Win some loose some)

First stop was a holy water temple.  Our guide told us all about the history and tradition. We were able to splash in the holy water then sat and took in the beauty.  There was also no shortage of photo ops. As it was raining, there were far fewer people to get in the way!


Next up, we took off on the bikes for a famous wood carving shop and collection. Some of the carvings are insanely tall and everything g is done with incredible detail.  I’m here for size comparisons!

It really is amazing.Then back on the road to what was about to become my favorite part- trekking through Tegallalang Rice Terrace. I’ll just leave some pictures here because I don’t have words right now to say how incredible it was…

By this time the rain was getting harder, but that didn’t stop us from biking through a path in a rice terrace and nearly falling into the rice many times… No pictures of that right now because it was really not ideal to be stopping and struggling to find the phone. This would have been the adventure to have a GoPro for! 

Ended with a very rainy walk through a coffee plantation and coffee tasting before letting the rain get the better of us and deciding to drive back into town. 
And well, here we are. Still sitting at Atman enjoy a juice and Avo & Fetta Toasties 


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Till next time, 



3 Years Later- New Places

Blog Followers!!

Bet you never thought you would hear from my again, did you?!  Well, I wanted to pass on some new info:

It’s been 3 years, 5/8, sense I moved to NYC and I’m still “living the dream”.  Running has taken center stage, I love my apartment, and I’m planning some fun things for the upcoming year.  However, this blog has… well… run its course.

I’ve written some great content (and some not so great stuff) but it’s time for a new look and a new focus.  I’ve launched a NEW BLOG here on WordPress with the same fun me writing all kinds of content- some pieces will make a repeat appearance for sure!

Check out Run. Live. Love.  A blog all about sharing Fitness, Wine, and Lifestyle Fun to encourage and inspire others to be their best!

Link at Run. Live. Love. BLOG

Please follow it and continue to follow my journey.  It promises to be exciting!  See you there.




Happy New Year, lovely readers!

What are you up to today?  cleaning, sleeping, socializing, gym hunting, hangover nursing?  Well, whatever it is, I hope you are enjoying it.  Me, I’m relaxing in leggings and an oversized shirt eating a leisurely breakfast and writing to you, after sleeping in and recovering from my events last night… we will get to that in a minute.

Let us first talk about New Years.  A time when people party hard on 12/31 and ofter regret it the next morning.  A time when we get resolutions or intents for the next 12 months and (if we remember them for that long) try to see them through.  New Years is often about staying up late and possibly being out in the cold to watch object (a ball, a peach, a pelican) “drop” as thousands count down the last 10 seconds of the old year and welcome in the new one with confetti and cheers.   For many it’s a time to be with friends, family, and loved ones.  A kiss at midnight recognizing love and good luck is often shared between couples.  It’s a night to dress up and see fireworks another night then July 4th.

This New Years was… is… will continue to be different for me.  I didn’t dress up fancy- although my outfit all together was over $300.  I didn’t share it with anyone in particular- yet I shared 4 miles and a whole evening with 4000+ total strangers.  I didn’t hug or kiss anyone- I did cheers myself with sparkling cider along the way.  I didn’t set a “resolution” so much as I changed my focus… my personal motivation for getting up in the morning.

What did I do to ring in 2015?  I participated in the New York Road Runners 4 mile Midnight Run through Central Park… at, you guessed it, the stroke of midnight.  A massive fireworks display right in front of us kicked things off as several thousand runners took of to bring in the new year the best way we know how, in one of the most amazing cities north of the ATL  (lol).  I overcame so much in just a few hours.  I did this all alone… not with a group to follow… I took myself down and figured it out.  I did this in 30 degrees!!  25 or so with the wind chill… that’s cold guys, for me anyway.  I realized I’m overcoming my aversion to the cold (when dressed properly) and actually enjoyed it.  And I never stopped…  of course my pace varied, but I never stopped running, and this is a big one for me.  My mind gets tired well before my body and I’m often tempted to quit… but I didn’t not that night.

For me, this run will set the trend for my year.  I’m not making a resolution, as much as I’m setting my motivation.  Over the past several months it has been brought to my attention that I seldom do things because “I want to”.  It’s always been because it will please someone else, or make them happy in a long run, or look good when I go out with them, or to beat myself up for “mistakes” I have made.  I’ll let you all in on something not so pretty– all those days of fitness I did and nearly everything else for the past 5 months has been predominantly motivated by this thought, “If your Ex is that talented and good looking and amazing and YOU messed that up, you deserve to shred your muscles and push your body and beat yourself up… if for no other reason then that for a short time the physical pain is more intense then the emotional pain and for that time you don’t feel it”.


Yes, I know that’s unhealthy and I’m tired of it.  So in this new year- I am my motivation.  This year I am going to set goals, most likely various races in NYC, do things that make me happy.

“I will run for… myself.  To be the best me in this new year”.  to quote my race bib.

If you think that sounds selfish, it’s not.  Through a lot of thought, reflection, and growth I recognized that I have always done things to please others… that has been my motivation. But this is un-healthy and un-sustainable (as events in the past months have demonstrated).  However, if I am a truly confident and happy individual it will please others (and myself) for longer… healthier relationships.

This is going to be a new Christiane in a new year and I am pumped.  Not just running and working out… using my time, resources, and creative skills more.  I will write more.  I will make the time to grocery shop and cook again.  I will get my butt to classes.  I will socialize and explore.  I’m not saying it’s going to be easy…  but I’m not going to dwell on things I can’t fix and instead be in the present and be in it for me.

So y’all, what’s your New Years resolution… or motivation?  Share here if you would like, or just write it someplace for yourself and see what the year brings.

lovealways, christiane

On the 3rd Day of Fitness

I bet yall thought I’d quit, given up, forgotten… Well I’m proving you wrong!! I know it’s a bit late today, but between new co-worker training, protests, slow trains, roommates, cats, and wine…. I’m posting late- but better late then never. And better honest then nothing at all.

Today- YOGA (the video is on my Instagram @nychristiane )

Yoga is a form of workout and fitness that I respect and feel the positive effects of when I take the time to study and practice… But it’s not something I feel totally confident in. So practice is hard and personal.
But it’s very important to vary your workouts and challenge your body and mind. Maybe it’s not a sweaty cardio experience, but you pair it with a run, and yoga can offer that stretch and self focus time that we all need some times.

Allowing myself to be open to something that intimidates me and challenges my body is hard but beautiful and exciting when I feel the release. There are many types of yoga (I should know- I work in the field) and each is different. Try a new class!

Special thanks to Yogaworks as their “My Yogaworks Online” for the online class I took myself through today and to Jade Yoga Mats for my beautiful (life/practice changing) mat!!

What class, practice, equipment challenges you or just is t your favorite? Share it and how you approach it. Then follow, comment, like, etc…… And keep an eye out for more informed posts as my yoga practice continues!

lovealways, christiane


On the 1st Day of Fitness

Took a foam roller to my upper back and shoulders.


After running a lot this weekend and sitting at a computer at work, my back is tight! Using a foam roller helps to release tension and open my back and chest. It’s important to stretch and strengthen your muscles. I find it relaxing too! BE CAREFUL: don’t roll out lower back and be safe on your IT band. Take care of your body!

Foam Rollers have been getting a lot of press recently, both good and bad. The way I see it, and the same goes for any type of physical activity that you choose to engage in, educate yourself and know your body. Ask your Yoga or Pilates teacher, gym personal trainer, or read about it. Knowing what you are doing and doing it correctly will mean YOU get the most beneficial results. Women’s Health has some basic “rolls” that I enjoy and wanted to share.

Comment, Share, Like, Follow, and JOIN ME as I embark on 25 Days of Fitness physical, mental, and everything in between. Check out my Instagram @nychristiane for the daily posts as well as the blog! Let’s encourage each other!

lovealways, christiane

Time. All it takes is time.

That’s a line from a song that has been floating in and out of my thoughts for weeks now, but I can’t place it or find it anywhere!  I can hear the melody and everything, but can’t recall any other lyrics, much less where it’s from.
Don’t you hate it when that happens?!  

Anyway, regardless– the concept, that anything takes time– is what truly resonates with me.
Time to grow
Time to heal
Time to learn
Time to practice
Time to adventure
Time to gain perspective
Time to understand

Time is something I’ve struggled with in various ways over the years.
Wishing I had more time
Remembering back to a different time
Not knowing what to do with my time
Having to much to do and not enough time
Wanting to go back in time

The list could go on.

But it’s not ok to live like that, I’ve discovered. Always living in a different time. Because then you are never living in the NOW, you will miss all the experiences and people that are coming and going around you because you are to busy stuck in a past time.
I’m not saying this is always easy, but when you can it opens you up to a lot of fun things.

This isn’t intended to be a long story based post, just a short muse on a topic… and to out these song lyrics out there into the universe, that maybe someone will recognize them and help me fill in what I’m missing, or just what the song it!

Anybody  know??  Or have personal reflections on the concept of time?  How it’s affected you?

Comment, share, like, tweet, reblog, etc!

Time is always been something I’ve struggled and played with- so much so that it, and a book titled, “Einstein’s Dream”, sparked a dance piece that I did the summer before my 1st year of college.  I don’t share this one much, and no comments on my movement technique at the time, but I think we all wish we could freeze some moments.  (And yes, back to the days of being super blond!)


I hope you all enjoy,


lovealways,  christiane


“it is’t yes, it’s not quite no”

Yoga is Now: 46 Days of Green Shirts

46 days, 32 shifts, 5 days a week, 2 shirts, 1.5 months. and Yoga is (still) NOW!

What in the world is she talking about? Is what I’m sure you’re asking yourself. Well, I’m talking about my job and the uniform I’ve donned (as well as all of my lovely co-workers) for the past month and a half. To an extent, this has been funny and a sort of bonding experience for all of us… It’s also been an eye opener for me at a personal level.

Shall we begin there? Sure, why not. Basically- I’ve had a work uniform for the past 46 days. The last time I had a uniform was years ago when I was still in private school. Back before I knew any different, didn’t have my own style preferences, and was grateful to know what I was going to put on every morning and not worry about it. I used to love having a strict uniform and at one point said I’d always prefer it to having to buy and put together outfits myself.  But that was a long time ago.  Put me in a strict uniform now and I’m itching to get out of it. I hadn’t realized how much I’d come to dislike the idea of an enforced uniform and found myself, over the past 32 shifts, coming up with ways to manipulate, change, and push the boundaries of my allowed clothing.   Not only was it not seasonally appropriate (short sleeves in New York in November? I mean come on, it’s cold here!), it was completely unflattering in cut and color.  With my newly dyed red hair, I felt like an elf or a leprechaun, again neither of which fit the season.  I’ve also realized that I’ve found a color pallet and style of clothing that fits and flatters me today, something I used to not pay much attention to or care much about for that matter.

As a team, these shirts have been our mutual topic of conversation and frustration for the past 6 weeks.  Finding a reason to put a sweater on over it, which hasn’t been hard as it’s gotten colder.  Coaxing each other into them at the start of shift and being relieved when you were off the clock and out of the shirt.  Sneaking them into the washer with the towels and hoping you put your initials on the collar!  Questioning what bottoms you can wear with it and not look even more ridiculous.  And of course, laughing along when members as they read out to you “Yoga is Now” and start to chuckle cause all three staff members at the desk are sporting the same green t-shirt with white lettering and explaining why we are all dressed the same every day.  I have to admit, I’m sure we all looked a bit ridiculous and continuously reassuring people that we do in fact wash them got tedious.


I’m sure you are wondering what this not famous shirt actually looked like!?  Well, say no more.


pretty bad right?  Well, yesterday was the last day and I’m happy to report we all made it to the end and my 2 shirts made it to the trash bin.  Not into the trash in a malicious way, but in an honest way– I’ll never wear it for fun and honestly, they were past washing.  So why add clutter? lol!

Have you had… do you have a uniform you can, in fact, get enough of?  Share!

As always like, comment, follow, share, etc!

lovealways,  Christiane