Sharing is Scary: Part 1 “Shaded Blue”

As some of you probably know and others may not, I’m a dancer.  I’ve been dancing sense age 4 and have built up quite an impressive resume over the years.  I love performing, being on stage, directing, choreographing, etc.  However, I’ve always had a hard time sharing my work while it’s in progress… or really sharing my work any other way but live.  I’ve decided that is something I want to work on- to overcome.  While I think dance, and most live performing arts are better live I know there is a huge outlet for it via video, online, etc.  I’ve decided, that to overcome this fear and to get my work seen by a few more eyes, I will work on releasing various performances, pieces, and clips of work here on the blog!

 I’m starting with a piece I did a few years ago that is truly one of my favorites and one that I would love to put on the stage again.  “Shaded Blue” was choreographed in 2012 at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA as an assignment for my Choreo. 2 class.  The semester before in Choreo. 1, I set a piece about my father and our struggle with his cancer and the aftermath of losing him.  That work, “Holding On/ Chasing Dreams” was an emotionally charged piece that above anything else was a way for me to express what I had been through.  After working on a piece so deep and personal, I wanted to create a piece that was just movement for the heck of it!  Phrases that felt really good in the dancers bodies and didn’t tell a deeper story.  Something that moved and was happy and beautiful, creative and flowing.  I actually wrote out all the choreography on an airplane.  I could just see the piece in my head, I didn’t need to feel it in my body, I already knew what was coming next.  This quartet is set to an original piece of music by Kyle Lacy, titled “Iceberg Shade of Blue”.  In a way, we collaborated on creating the perfect track for the final performance, editing sound levels, length, vocals, etc. It was exciting to create a new dance to a new piece of music, I was able to pull inspiration from the raw music and share the work of another artist.  The performers are all friends and fellow dance majors from Agnes.  Setting this work on them was fun and in many ways, easy, because we could all communicate and just play in the early stages of choreography to create some movement that was personal and individualized for each dancer.

And now I have to share!!   Click here, here, or HERE to see the Promo short for “Shaded Blue”.  This is a 1 minute clip that should spark your interest and make you want to see the whole dance…  Then you can click This, that, or the other for the full length video!!!   I hope you enjoy 🙂   (yes- everything in orange is a hyperlilnk to my youtube channel and the indicated performance video.  You have plenty of options on where to click…. and hopefully you will watch more then once!)

I was constantly inspired and loved working on this piece of choreography.  But I know it does not stand alone.  I have begun work on a new solo which is a sister piece to “Shaded Blue” and may be one of three in total!  Exciting things are happening and I plan to keep sharing, so keep an eye out for more “Sharing is Scary” entries that will contain snippets of new work and progress as well as (hopefully) thoughts and insight on my process.  

Please do continue to read, share, follow, like, and comment!

love always,  Christiane

And if you read this far, you get a bonus- here is a special release 15 second clip of the new solo

Enjoy and know there is more to come!

The Devil Wears Payless

Y’all miss me??!!! Told you it would be a while between posts, this one may be a little lengthy, but totally worth ready- I’ve had some exciting adventures at MoMA and in NYC!!

I think we left off the day before training began…. And training Thursday and Saturday went well. We learned a little more about the exhibit Rain Room (more on that in a bit), we got a tour around the museum and our staff area, and we learned the fine art of selling memberships to MoMA. We are the first group of temp staff to be cross trained in visitor services and membership! We were also some of the very first people to have the lovely opportunity to walk through the Rain Room! It’s so amazing!
Before we get in to all the good stuff– what is Rain Room I’m sure you all are wondering. Basically it is a big black box (I hope I’m not the only one the start singing “To sit in solemn silence”) with one bright light and a large area of falling water, very real rain. When you walk into the water field 3d cameras pick you up and turn off the water above you. So as you walk through the water you do not get wet but it’s raining all around you. Yes, if you run you will get very wet. I discovered New Yorkers have no sense of slow walking, so I had to come up with other words like stroll, meander, mosey. It is a beautiful installation, but it has a very small capacity– that’s where the trouble begins, and part of why the great team of people I’m part of was hired.

Rain Room opened at MoMA on Sunday (Mothers Day) and we had lines waiting as long as 3 hours outside to see it. Everyone I talked to said it was well worth the wait, but some people, but not all people like waiting. Basically, as staff we have different positions that we rotate throughout the day– someone directing visitors to the correct line (members get priority :-p ), scanning tickets, selling memberships, floating and helping as needed, and being in the room itself letting small groups in a few at a time (probably everyone’s favorite because guests are happy at that point)! And we do that roughly 9-5 every day.
I have worked every day sense opening on Sunday and will not have a day off till Saturday. Between training days I did have a day of, which I spent in a fabulous outfit strolling Times Square, people watching at Starbucks, shopping, having dinner with family friend. Yes I know it’s a touristy thing to do, but I’ve never gotten to do that and I had a day off! What better way to spend it! I can’t wait to have time to go see some shows on Broadway, I think that’s the next big thing.

I will need to have a whole post dedicated to funny, interesting, stressful, etc. Rain Room stories, but I want also to share some New York thoughts, suggestions, and experiences.

The subway- not as big and scary as I thought it would be. I actually feel like I’m getting the hang of it! The app Hopstop is AMAZING! Really, anyone moving to NY and concerned about the subway, download this app… It’s free (on my Mac products anyway), works really well, and has relieved so much of my stress about traveling.

Central Park– a great place to relax, and luckily very close to work for me. I went on Sarutday after training with the soul purpose of seeking out the Balto statue. I found it!! Like a dream come true, Balto was one of my favorite animated movies growing up and I always wanted to see his statue. It was too wet to sit with Balto (it’s been raining a lot here) but I walked around a little. I was surprised how quiet and peaceful the park was when its in the middle of a HUGE LOUD BUSY city.

Comfort foods– something I find very important. I have resorted to my favorite lunch of all, peanut butter sandwich! Breakfast is oatmeal and orange juice (I have someone very special to blame for that) and then there was the issue of chocolate. I didn’t want to buy a bag so m&ms that would be gone Ina few days. I walk past the Lindt Chocolate store everyday to and from work, so I stopped in one day and got a bag of 37 various truffles. I’m enjoying one truffle a day, it’s nice and cuts my desire for lots of chocolate.

I have also enjoyed stopping in at the Swarovski store and Gap on 5th Ave. I desperately needed a pair of work appropriate pants, so thank goodness for Gap.
That’s another thing– PACK APPROPRIATELY FOR THE WEATHER OF THE REGION!! little southern girl here was all ready for summer and here it is on the 50s and windy! WTF. Anyway, check the weather channel and believe it! The Dunkin’ Donuts on the corner has been saving my life the past few mornings… Tomorrow will be no exception, as I have to be at work at 8am for a special viewing for RR for upper level members… Oooooo fancy!

I should be wrapping up soon, but not without saying how much fun I have with the wonderful Bhumi who came to the big city. It was fun to go out and catch up with her in NY. We went to a little place called Serendipity and had the most amazing hot chocolate! 😀

But before I go— what ever did I mean by that post title: The Devil Wears Prada Payless.
I had to get shoes with a little more flare and class and variety then my beat up (loved) 2 year old sneakers and walking flats. Payless here is so great, I got some silver flats and black wedges for such a good price, and they are really comfortable too! Walking 5th Ave. and looking the part of not a New York visitor, but a real New York woman is helping to make this experience even more fun and real.

I’m having a great time so far, can’t wait to see my check after this LONG week, and now must go to bed so I can get all dressed up and do it again tomorrow!

So, until next time… Keep loving, dreaming, and living!