It all comes out in the wash…

Or on the dance floor…

Or with the booze…

And you know I’m right about those. So who is ready for another post? Ooooo, I am I am!!
It’s been an interesting and exciting few days, personally and professionally, so here we go!

The wash- yes, I did my laundry at a laundromat for the first time ever… And it didn’t eat my clothes, in fact they came out clean, dry, and lovely.


I had Friday morning off from work and a very full bin of worn clothes, so I decided a cloudy Friday after brunch was the perfect time to experiment. And it was. The nearest laundromat is less then a block from my apartment door, so that is great. After separating clothes into 2 piles, it was into the machines for a wash and then all in the dryer. While I was waiting I sat and started reading “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”. And a little over an hour later I had clean clothes to wear! I know this may not seem like the most amazing this ever, but it was totally new for me, coin operated laundry machines that are not located in my house, and I was excited to do something new, another basic of living.

The dance floor- I went out SWING DANCING last night!!!!!!!!! As some of you know, I was a swing dancer, assistant director and choreographer for a swing company back home and I absolutely love swing dance and the dance community in general. One of my roommates had some friends over and one of them wanted to go to this swing event and they asked if I would like to join in… How could I turn that down– a speak easy swing event… Very stylized with live music… YA, I’m so there! Got dressed up in a mint green dress and sparkly jewelry and off we went. One dance partner had no idea what he was doing and it was like I was in rehearsal week 1 all over again… But I was able to reach him the VERY BASIC swing step and I think he got the idea. By the end of the night there was a rumor going around that I was from Atlanta and I could dance, I’m ok with that, and I got to dance with some really good partners.

It was so wonderful to get out and do something I love that was non work related. Just let yourself go and don’t turn down a dance offer! I had a great night and plan on following up on the Swing scene here in NYC. This was also perfect timing because Saturday I really didn’t leave my apartment at all because it was COLD and RAINY and GRAY all day… I had just worked the last few days at Rain Room in the cold gray wind rain thunder and lightning, so I was glad to be dry warm and inside most of the day.

The booze- look good and know how to dance and people just might offer to buy you a drink… I don’t say no to a little gin & tonic now and then, especially on someone else’s tab… That’s just the honest truth. Not nearly enough to loose focus or judgement, but it’s not something I’m getting for myself.
And sometimes the booze can go to your head and have you up at all hours of the day or night, thinking over your life and choices… On the phone… The unspoken reveals itself… For better, worse, clarity, or something in between. We have all had those nights on one end of the phone or the other,lets night deny it… Sometimes you need someone to talk to, or have something to talk about.

Well, and of course there has been work. Rain Room requires that we are outside tending to our members a s guests as long as they are willing to wait, meaning in any sort of weather. Earlier this week is was sunny and warm and humid and I was in heaven…the it got cold and rainy and I was irritated. I got myself a fresh dry pair of rain boots, polka dot of course, and an Amazing RED rain jacked/wind breaker… It’s my statement coat! (And you definitely can’t miss my walking down the street!)

The RR shut itself down AGAIN in Friday 30 minutes before closing and made many people very upset. It’s one thing for the water to shut off, but even the single light turned off for about a minute and we were left in the total darkness with complaining patrons… Not a situation I want to experience again any time soon. Of course this would happen on “free Friday” when the lines are even worse!! And then today it spring a leak where the water won’t stop when you walk at it and that’s just awkward. Waits today got up to 4+ hours (members) and 6+ hours (general public). Delivering that sort of news to people at 10AM is not all that enjoyable. I find it comical the people who show up and think they won’t have to wait at all… And we are all like BUT YA YOU DO!!

On that note, I am working with a really phenomenal group of people who I am growing to care for and respect more and more every day. I’m hoping to have some time to bake something fun and bring in to work later this week or next. I think that would be a really nice this to do, we are all watching out for each other. 🙂
Well, not as many pics in this one, but I hope y’all enjoy. These are my next door neighbors–


And on that note I will retire for the evening. Hoping to get for a run tomorrow, goodness I miss doing my 4 miles every day!!! And then who knows what the day will hold! I’m so in love with NYC!

<3always, Christiane

Singin’ in the Rain

Ahh! So much has been going on! Everyday I’m falling even more in love with this city and work has been going well so far.

In my last post I promised I would share some stories from the Rain Room so that’s what this post is dedicated too!

So, one day while I was working the (previous) indoor Rain Room position, the whole thing shut itself down! There were people in the water and everything– apparently it has a built in fail safe In case the pumps get clogged or the system overheats– so with about 8 people in it, the Rain Room just stopped. It was so weird. People stayed in the rain field and looked around confused, instead of stepping out, just looking up at the ceiling, haha. I got to use my stage manager voice to get everyone to leave the room while the technicians worked to bring the system pack on line and running. Then, about 30 minutes later things were back and raining. The guests handled it very well and were vey nice!


Regardless of the weather MoMA and the Rain Room are open. It’s been 50 rainy and windy, 82 sunny and humid, and everything in between. We have had members and general public waiting in lines for hours in all King’s of weather. It’s almost funny when someone who has been waiting in line for an hours (when we told them the wait would be over 2 hours) complains a out standing out in the weather… And I’m just like, “aww you’re been out here for an hour? I get to stand out here for 7.5 hours… I don’t want to hear you fuss… Cause I’m not fussing.”
However, anyone I have talked to has said the wait was worth it. To experience the Rain Room.

Every day we have tons of people taking interesting pictures in the RR. One day, someone asked my if they could open an umbrella in the water, for pictures. Couples kissing in the rain. Interesting silhouettes.

I have two favorite parts of working in the Rain Room. First, watching guests faces when they walk into the room. People’s jaws literally drop and it’s so sweet. I enjoy answering questions and telling people more about the exhibit. My second favorite thing is watching people walk into the water. While everyone approaches the rain differently– holding hands with someone special, holding a camera, looking up, looking down, or looking out, and so much more– everyone enters with a little concern, fear, apprehension, and excitement. Once people enter the water and walk in a little ways,the water closes around them and they are surrounded by the water. It’s really beautiful.


MoMA hosted a staff party last week, outside in the sculpture garden and it was beautiful. Not to mention open bar and dinner. 🙂


Well, maybe I don’t have all that many interesting stories… But I guess I have some time now to recap on other tins I’ve been up too.

After working about 8 days in a row, I had a Saturday off. I got some of the basics done, like cleaning, running, grocery shopping, cooking, baking,

sleeping, and such. Haha.
After another day of work, in the cold RAIN with a warm shower to round off the day, I had Monday off work. So what better to do then explore new trains and hang out with friends.


First, I headed up the West Central Park to catch up with Bhumi on the last day in the city and go to the Natural History Museum. An amazing little perk of working at MoMA is that if I show my staff ID I get a comp ticket to other museums. We had a fun time walking all around the museum looking at various exhibits. We both really liked the gem and mineral section… Ooooo shiny!



Then we walked around Central Park and got soft pretzels. Then we walked way down Lexington Ave. snooping in various shops and taking pictures, on our way to catch up with her cousin for dinner.



We stopped in at my favorite place every, Swarovski, and guess what— they were having an amazing 50% off special items SALE!!!! (Note- Swarovski almost never puts their products on sale so this was a huge deal)… So of course I had to look around.
We caught up with Bhumi’s cousin, jumped back on the subway, and headed to Madison Square Park for dinner at the Shake Shack, it was soooo good!


After dinner and a little more walking, we parted ways and I jumped back on the subway headed for Battery Park to see “Great Gatsby” with an old DSA friend. The movie was good and afterwards it was back up to Astoria for me and to bed for another day of work.

And there you go! I went for a great run this morning and am spending the rest of the day off my feet and inside. It’s a relax sort of day, thank goodness!

I hope you all are doing well and are continuing to enjoy the blog! Share, comment, and like!

<3always, Christiane